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Please add your name to the list of supporters below

It's the last step in a long journey to finally get a much needed marine fire/rescue vessel in Greenport Harbor.

Ask Congressman LaLota to consider approving the use of funds available from the federal Community Project Fund. The taxpayers of our community need to show that we support this as much as the GFD and the village officials.

Response time is critical when fighting a fire. If, later today, there was a need for a boat with firefighting capabilities, the Greenport Fire Department would need to call a neighboring town for help, and then wait for their arrival.

Over the past 20 months a group of forward-looking firefighters from the Greenport Fire Department has been working with the Greenport Mayor and Village Board.  They have been researching grants and other funding, visiting boats of various designs, working with our Rescue Squad, and local companies within the marine industry to develop specifications that will meet our present and future marine firefighting and marine rescue needs. 


Thanks to the efforts of Trustee Phillips, Sylvia Pirillo, Greenport Mayor Hubbard, Southold Town Supervisor Russell, Assembly Woman Giglio, and from then Congressman Zeldin’s office Mark Woolley and Nancy Taylor, the committee learned of a special federal program called the Community Project Fund. The goal of this fund is to make available money to fund programs with the potential to help a large number of people within a congressional district.  


At his discretion, our newly elected Congressman Nick LaLota has the task of determining which projects will be awarded this fund. The only goal of our present efforts, is to let our congressman know that our project meets the criteria for funding to a tee.  We are doing nothing more than simply asking that he seriously considers our application.

At present members of the department are being trained by the U.S. Coast Guard and will enter into an agreement that this boat will not only serve Greenport, but that it will respond to any emergency following Coast Guard protocols, when requested by the Coast Guard to do so.

Please join our lifesaving mission today. Show your support simply by adding your name below.

And please share this with everyone you know on the East End, as this fire boat will be a resource for those living on the North Fork, South Fork, and Shelter Island.

Please support the GFD and add your name to the list of supporters asking Congressman LaLota to help protect life and property in Greenport Harbor and Peconic Bay

Thanks for your support!

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